Social Engagement

Birgit Maria Kemphues and Investmentgroup:
Pioneering Social Engagement in Music Therapy and Animal Welfare

Birgit Maria Kemphues, a vivacious entrepreneur and Chairwoman of Investmentgroup, has been hitting all the right notes with her social engagement initiatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Focusing on music therapy and animal welfare, she’s been orchestrating a symphony of positive change in the UAE community.

In August 2014, Birgit Maria founded the Initiative Music Connected, a project designed to provide music therapy to special needs and gifted children in the UAE. The project was launched at Al Qattara Art Centre in Al Ain, featuring international music, artists, speakers, and food. The music therapy program collaborates with German music therapists for six months, in honor of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Birgit Maria, a dynamic German expatriate based in Al Ain, believes in the power of music therapy to touch lives and uplift spirits in the UAE. She’s the maestro of creating educational and business exchanges between the UAE and Germany, including welcoming the first German students to the United Arab Emirates University.

When the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on pause, Birgit Maria didn’t skip a beat. She pursued a holistic veterinary doctor education and dedicated her time to animal welfare initiatives at her park in the UAE. She provided veterinary care for young cats and kittens, fostering a unique bond with these animals. Birgit Maria also nurtured and guided puppies without a mother and sought adoptive families for them. Over two years, her animal welfare efforts expanded, and more people joined her cause, donating food and resources.