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We Invest in People

One-Year Certification Program

Did you know that organizations in Germany, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi that effectively lead, support, and develop their workforce are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable? Investing in your people is a no-brainer! For smaller organizations with limited resources, we've got your back with our "We Invest in People: One-Year Certification Program." Get a comprehensive analysis without breaking the bank.

What are the benefits?

Our approach lets you measure your performance in leading, supporting, and improving your people and culture strategy while comparing it with other organizations in your industry and sector worldwide. By focusing on staff retention, attraction, and development, we ensure organizational stability, security, and success.

In a fast-paced world, employee connection, engagement, well-being, and organizational culture have never been more vital. Our research and experience in these essential areas have brought smiles to people’s faces all around the globe. Join us and discover how we can sprinkle some magic into your work life too.

What we evaluate: Leading, Supporting, and Improving

1.Inspiring leadership: Our trusted leaders are like conductors, orchestrating a harmonious performance towards the organization’s objectives, fostering staff retention, and development.

  1. Embodying values and behaviors: Everyone, from rookies to veterans, walks the company values talk, promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace.
  2. Empowering and engaging people: Our company culture is a trusty greenhouse, nurturing responsibility and making everyone feel like the boss of their domain.

How we evaluate you!

1.People Framework: Our secret sauce for assessing how well you support your people at work – leading, supporting, and improving. We’ve been perfecting our approach and framework for 30 years, ensuring organizational stability, security, and success.

  1. Assessment: Think of it as a friendly visit, not a daunting task. Our practitioner dives into your company, chats with your leaders and team members, and reviews your people strategy.
  2. Your Report: We take all our findings, whip up a report with insights and recommendations, and let you know if you’ve bagged the accreditation or need a bit more elbow grease in your action plan for improvement.
  3. Making Improvements: Accreditation is worth a celebration, but it’s just the start. Your accreditation lasts for one year, and we’ll guide you through keeping the momentum and going for gold again.

We Invest in Women 50+

Women's 50+ : The Kemphues Initiative

Hey there, fabulous women over 50! Need a hand with starting a business, jazzing up workplace culture, or enhancing employee engagement, communication, and work practices? We’ve got you covered with free advice and support. Get ready to lead, support, and improve your business like a boss, and see how you measure up to others globally in our workplace accreditation journey.

What are the benefits?

1.Personalized One-on-One Guidance: We provide individualized support to each businesswoman, focusing on their unique needs and goals in areas like leadership, workforce development, and employee well-being. With no hidden agendas, our mission is to empower you and propel your business forward.

  1. Global Networking Opportunities: Connect with international investors who understand your vision and are eager to support your business growth. With a powerful network at your fingertips, you’ll never feel alone on your entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Inspiration and Motivation: Our experts and community will inject your path with an invigorating dose of inspiration and motivation. Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and unleash the powerhouse within you to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.
  3. A Supportive and Empowering Community: Join a network of like-minded businesswomen who celebrate your victories and support you through the inevitable challenges. This nurturing environment fosters resilience and camaraderie, ensuring you always have a strong support system to rely on.
The Investmentgroup.AG Formula

Picture this: Expert advice and support for boosting your business and workplace culture, all focused on employee engagement, communication, and work practices. These will all help you excel in leading, supporting, and fostering a thriving people and culture strategy. Not only that, but we’ll also give you the scoop on how your organization compares to others around the globe in terms of gender equality, diversity, and staff attraction. The cherry on top? This exclusive opportunity is entirely free for a select group of highly deserving women.

We Invest in Happiness

InvestmentGroup.AG Germany Initiative

1 Year Accreditation

A healthy workforce: your ethical responsibility, and the secret ingredient to skyrocketing productivity!

How It Works

Our well-being framework scrutinizes physical, social, and psychological aspects, pinpointing your organization’s strengths and growth areas.

Your Report

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll craft a report brimming with insights and recommendations for improvement. You’ll also uncover your achievement level: Standard, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Every Mind Matters

Dive deep into your team’s strengths and opportunities, plotting your journey towards a culture that puts happiness, health, and well-being center stage.

Your Assessment

Assessments aren’t scary! They’re a chance to get an unbiased evaluation of your well-being strategy, practices, and outcomes. Every person in your organization will have the chance to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

Making Improvements

Celebrate your accreditation! But remember, it’s just the beginning. Your accreditation lasts one year, and we’ll help you devise an action plan for ongoing improvements. Your practitioner will touch base at 6 and 12 months to track your progress.

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Market Entry:

In most cases, the introduction of a product or a service in the Arab region requires a lot of effort, time and patience from the Europe partner. A trade fair presence in the major Arab cities, market monitoring on site, challenging negotiations with potential business partners.

To successfully market a product in the Arab countries, you need a marketing plan that takes into account the special intercultural marketing characteristics of the region. The Arab customer wants a partner who is versed in his culture and is familiar with the linguistic and cultural barriers and knows how to overcome them.

Marketing in the Arab region therefore necessitates an intercultural communication and advertising strategy that includes any product adaptation required. These factors are decisive for the success of your marketing in this region.