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Did you know that organizations in Germany, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi that effectively lead, support, and develop their workforce are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable? Investing in your people is a no-brainer! For smaller organizations with limited resources.

We Invest in Women 50+

Kemphues Initiative

Hey there, fabulous women over 50! Need a hand with starting a business, jazzing up workplace culture, or enhancing employee engagement, communication, and work practices? We’ve got you covered with free advice and support.

We Invest in Happiness

Investmentgroup.ag Germany Initiative

Begin your employee accreditation journey by investing in well-being. A healthy team isn’t just an ethical priority; it reduces costs, sickness, accidents, and absenteeism while boosting profitability, turnover, and staff retention. 

About Us

Since 1992, Investmentgroup has been sprinkling work-life magic in organizations worldwide, including public sectors, SMEs, and charities. With experience in 18 countries and various sectors, we know the secret recipe to provide the tailor-made support and guidance your organization craves for business growth and staff development. We strive for gender equality, diversity, and employee well-being, focusing on physical, social, and psychological well-being.

Birgit Maria Kemphues, the founder of a group of companies and Chairwoman of Investmentgroup, has been making waves and leaving lasting impressions in the Middle East for over two decades. Handpicked by the United Arab Emirates’ Minister of State, Her Excellency Dr. M.S. Al Shamsi, Birgit has empowered more than 500 individuals to take the reins of their businesses and gallop toward success by prioritizing people management, organizational stability, and security.

A Refreshing Message from our Chairwoman

At Investmentgroup AG Germany, we’re on a mission to sprinkle some fun into work-life balance, champion gender equality, and celebrate diversity. We invest in people by offering advice and support on how to jazz up your workplace culture, specifically in areas like employee engagement, communication, organizational culture, and work practices. Embark on your workplace accreditation journey with us and experience a boost in employee well-being and happiness at work.

Negotiation Strategies

We show you the typical negotiation strategies and tactics of your Arab partners and show you how you can effectively use the breaks in negotiations.

Research / Marketing

We carry out research for you on the marketing tools deployed in the respective Arab country or in the target region. We check the marketing strategies used in your industry.

Hey 50+ Ladies, did you know?

  • 85% of employees feel like they’re on a work treadmill, affecting employee well-being?
  • 73% would hop off for the right career opportunities and workplace culture
  • 71% are itching for better prospects in leadership and workforce development
  • 1 in 3 employees are simply bored stiff due to a lack of employee engagement
Let us add some zest to your organization with our support and guidance from Germany, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi!

We specialize in investing in 50+ Business Start-ups of Women, promoting gender equality and diversity.

Embark on your workplace accreditation journey with Investmentgroup.AG Germany to boost employee engagement and happiness at work using AI technology.

Social Engagement

Birgit Maria Kemphues and Investmentgroup: Pioneering Social Engagement in Music Therapy and Animal Welfare

Birgit Maria Kemphues, a vivacious entrepreneur and Chairwoman of Investmentgroup, has been hitting all the right notes with her social engagement initiatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Focusing on music therapy and animal welfare, she’s been orchestrating a symphony of positive change in the UAE community.

Welcome to Investmentgroup.AG

Turn your workplace into a thriving hub of engagement, retention, and well-being, spark innovation, and ignite ambition with an accreditation from Investmentgroup.AG Germany. Improve your organizational culture with our unique approach to employee assessment and feedback, leading to an action plan for improvement.

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