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Renewable Energy / Technology

Renewable energies guide the way for future generations. Solar, wind and water are almost infinitely available. Ethical and ecological principles direct our activities and decisions. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge, connections and experience in the execution of PV solar projects, wind energy, hydropower, photovoltaic, biogas, solid biomass, underground technologies and recycling technologies.


Future oriented Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment has enormous potential and is a precondition for an efficient and well functioning infrastructure. The Gulf region is a leader in the implementation of modern systems in close cooperation with technological partners in Central Europe. Our experts advise in the conceptualization and implementation of infrastructure projects with focus on reduction of waste, reuse of resources and recycling of valuables. Wastewater Treatment and Recycling is one important focus to optimize the use of this precious resource.


The international health system is constantly changing. Today, it plays an ever increasing role. Further, there is a blatant discrepancy between health promotions, care and disease prevention. Those who are investing in health, make the future more secure. The risks and crisis that threaten the public will be managed and the damage for population and economy will be minimized. It is not only about quantity, but above all, about quality. Health is a condition for the development and it is also a fundamental human right. Ensuring the indemnification is not the responsibility of each individual, but it is a social task.

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